Welcome to the University of Michigan Center for Law, Ethics, and Health (CLEH), an interdisciplinary research center established in 2005 to examine the influence of law and ethics on the health care and public health systems.  The Center is the only academic endeavor focused on empirical research exploring topics that affect the day-to-day delivery of medical care and public health services.  Equally important, the Center serves as an independent, national forum for exchanging ideas and proposing solutions to the interaction between law and medicine and law and public health.  The Center invites participation and feedback from all interested stakeholders including physicians, attorneys, public health and other health professionals, policymakers, and members of the media and the public.
Housed in the University of Michigan School of Public Health, the Center for Law, Ethics, and Health represents a collaboration with the University of Michigan Health System, and faculty from the Law and Medical Schools.


View November 7, 2008 Symposium Proceedings:
Health Entrepreneurship: Opportunities For Health Care and Public Health