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  University of Michigan Dioxin Exposure Study

Alfred Franzblau, MD

  Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
Associate Research Scientist, Center for Ergonomics
MD, University of California, San Diego, 1983
MS in Mathematics, Stanford University, 1978
BA in Mathematics, Northwestern University, 1975
  Recent Publications
Franzblau, A., R.A. Werner and J. Yihan. 2004. Pre-placement nerve testing for carpal tunnel syndrome: Is it cost effective? J Occ Environ Med. (In press).

Tong, H.C., R.A. Werner and A. Franzblau. 2004. The effect of aging on sensory nerve conduction study parameters. Muscle & Nerve. (In press).

Trout, D., D.N. Weissman, R.A. Brundage, A. Franzblau and D. Remick. 2003. Evaluation of hypersensitivity pneumonitis among workers exposed to metal removal fluids. Appl Occ Environ Hyg. 18:953-960.

Franzblau, A. and N. Sahakian. 2003. Asthma following household exposure to hydrofluoric acid. Am J Ind Med. 44(3):321-324.

Batterman, S., L. Zhang, S. Wang and A. Franzblau. 2002. Partition coefficients for trihalomethanes among blood, urine, water, milk and air. Science of the Total Environment. 284:237-247.

Armstrong, T.J., A. Franzblau, A. Haig, W.M. Keyserling, S. Levine, K. Streilein, S. Ulin and R. Werner. 2001. Developing ergonomic solutions for prevention of musculoskeletal disorder disability. Assistive Technology. 13(2):78-87.

Werner, R.A., C. Hamann, A. Franzblau and P. Rodgers. 2002. Prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome and upper extremity tendonitis among dental hygienists. J Dent Hygiene. 76(2):126-132.

Salerno, D.F., A. Franzblau, T.J. Armstrong, R.A. Werner and M.P. Becker. 2001. Test-retest reliability of the upper extremity questionnaire among keyboard operators. Am J Ind Med. 6:655-666.

  2006 Regents of the University of Michigan