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Topic: Disease transmission

Betsy Foxman, PhD
Professor in Epidemiology
Phone: (734) 764-5487 E-mail:
Faculty Profile

  • Specializes in the molecular epidemiology of infectious disease, particularly infectious agents causing urinary tract infection (including E. coli), otitis media, lactation mastitis (breastfeeding infections), and vaginitis.     MORE

James Koopman, MD, MPH
Professor in Epidemiology
Phone: 734 763 5629 E-mail:
Faculty Profile

  • Concerned with all aspects of infectious diseases, but especially the control of infection spread in populations, newly emerging infections like SARS, and vaccines.      MORE

Arnold S. Monto, MD
Professor in Epidemiology
Phone: (734) 764-5453 E-mail:
Faculty Profile

  • Has served on an advisory board to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and consults each year on the design of the annual influenza vaccine.     MORE

Mark L. Wilson, ScM, ScD
Professor in Epidemiology
Phone: (734) 936-0152 E-mail:
Faculty Profile

  • Studies patterns of disease and relationship to human activity; inaugural director of the UM SPH Interdepartmental Concentration in Global Health.      MORE

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