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The Scholars in Health Policy Research Program, sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is a two-year post-doctoral fellowship program dedicated to training economists, political scientists and sociologists in health policy research. The goal of the Program is to foster a new generation of creative thinkers in health policy research within these disciplines. The program, therefore, is designed to recruit talented individuals with little or no health background, introduce them to the field of health policy research, and, in this way, influence them to include health related topics in their future research agendas.

Recent graduates of doctoral programs in economics, political science and sociology are eligible to participate in the program at one of the three sites:

  1. The University of Michigan
  2. University of California, Berkeley/San Francisco
  3. Harvard University.

Each site accepts approximately three Scholars each year, distributed across the three target disciplines. Participating Scholars undertake cutting-edge research relevant to health policy using the tools and perspectives of their discipline.

The Scholars in Health Policy Research Program is administered by a National Program Office, housed at Boston University and directed by Dr. Alan Cohen.