SPH Stories

What do you love about SPH? Share your stories!

As part of our community, YOU hold the stories and experiences that make our history and our present real. What makes U-M SPH unique? What keeps us in people's hearts and minds across the generations? Share the stories that only you can tell. We'll publish as many of your stories as possible online, via social media, and in a special 75th-anniversary edition of Findings magazine as part of 75 Things We Love about SPH.


"Being able to access not just the resources at the School of Public Health, but all of the resources across the University of Michigan has truly changed my academic trajectory and helped to cement my love for the University of Michigan School of Public Health. "
- SPH student, 2016
"I still remember the first day I nervously entered the School of Public Health for a job interview in 2001. I entered through the original front entrance of the Henry Vaughan Building which had an impressive ornate entrance with a big door and two bas relief sculptures flanking either side."
- SPH staff member
"My pubic health degree from the University of Michigan is highly respected in my professional circles."
-SPH grad '73
"My most vivid memories of SPH are from the Copper Cafe - those of you who were at SPH in the late 90s/early 2000s remember the study and lounge area on the third floor of SPH1 near the walkway to SPH2. There were a few vending machines, including a coffee machine. I found myself there a lot of early Saturday mornings, reading papers and writing (not on a laptop of course!). I remember Mary Fran Sowers walking through often as her office was on the third floor, and she would buy me a cup of vending machine coffee from time to time. When I joined the faculty, years later, she remembered these early Saturday mornings. It was the place you saw everyone."
- SPH faculty