Courses Details

EHS689: Professional Development in Environmental Health Sciences II

  • Graduate level
  • Fall term(s)
  • 0.5 Credit Hour(s)
  • Instructor(s): Robins, Thomas
  • Prerequisites: Second year EHS MPH student
  • Advisory Prerequisites: Completion of approved internship, research or practical experience.
  • Description: This course is designed to connect training in EHS with the practical and complex challenges associated with working in professional organizations. As the second professional development course of the EHS Master of Public Health program, EHS 689 concludes and integrates the summer field experience with academic concepts.
  • Course Goals: The overall objective is to prepare students for a career in EHS, and to foster professional development. To achieve this goal, students taking this class are expected to learn about the following: -To enhance student skills in synthesizing, translating, and communicating environmental health-related information, data, and experiences -To provide students with the opportunity to learn from and interact with EHS professionals across the subdisciplines in EHS -To familiarize students with career resources that are available in EHS, the School of Public Health, and the University of Michigan -To prepare students to successfully obtain an EHS position upon graduation