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HMP804: Doctoral Seminar in Health Services and Systems Research II

  • Graduate level
  • Fall term(s)
  • 1 Credit Hour(s)
  • Instructor(s): Hutton, David Mendez, David Prosser, Lisa
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Description: HMP804/Medical Sociology and Organizational Theory Module consists of six 2.5-hour weekly sessions, and it will be conducted as a seminar. Before each session, all students are expected to complete the required reading assignments in preparation for a lively and informed discussion in class. In addition, each student is expected to submit a study log, which should include one's reactions, reflections, and questions for discussion. At each session, there will be a division of labor among students in summarizing the assigned readings and leading a discussion of them. The discussion will center on conceptual, analytical, and applied issues, whereas the instructor will serve as the moderator and a sounding board.
  • Course Goals: Within the HSOP curriculum, students studying sociology can choose to focus on either medical sociology or organizational studies. This module provides all HSOP students to an overview of the theory and methods of each of these sub-fields. Sociology provides a unique set of lenses in defining, understanding, and interpreting issues related to health and health care. The HMP 804 aims to provide an initial overview of medical sociology and organizational studies. In addition, it offers several illustrations of how selected sociological perspectives (i.e., social stratification, life course, and theories of how organizations respond to their environments) can be applied to research in public health and analysis of health policy issues. Finally, a session will allow an in depth discussion of medical sociology and organizational studies as applied to research and policy analysis related to obesity.
  • Learning Objectives: Students will gain an initial understanding of the sociological and organizational approaches in health services research and public health. In particular, the students will be exposed selected sociological paradigms, analytical methods, and how they are applied to the analysis of population health, health care, and related policy issues.
  • Syllabus for HMP804