Courses Details

HMP805: Doctoral Seminar in Health Services and Systems Research III

  • Graduate level
  • Winter term(s)
  • 1 Credit Hour(s)
  • Instructor(s): Norton, Edward
  • Description: HMP805 Political Science consists of six 2.5-hour weekly sessions, and it will be conducted as a seminar. Before each session, all students are expected to complete the required reading assignments in preparation for a lively and informed discussion in class. In addition, each student is expected to submit short response papers, which should include one's reactions, reflections, and questions for discussion. At each session, there will be a division of labor among students in summarizing the assigned readings and leading a discussion of them. The discussion will center on conceptual, analytical, and applied issues, whereas the instructor will serve as the moderator and a sounding board.
  • Course Goals: Political Science explains policies by investigating the political systems that produce them, spanning topics such as federalism, party politics, public opinion, and interest groups in different countries. The course will exemplify key relevant political science approaches to health politics, furnishing students with understanding of political science methods and key findings. Finally, a session will allow an in-depth discussion of political science as applied to research and policy analysis related to a chosen topic shared across the modules.
  • Competencies: To receive credit for the module, students are expected to attend all sessions, read the assigned articles, and provide feedback that demonstrates an understanding of the key points of the readings and discussion. The module is graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.
  • Learning Objectives: Students will gain an initial understanding of political science's place in understanding health policies. In particular, the students will be exposed to key political issues influencing health policy and the manners in which political scientists discuss and study them.