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28 Fall Term Biostatistics Courses
Course Title Type Term(s) Credits Instructor(s)
BIOSTAT501 Introduction to Biostatistics Graduate
Fall 3 Raghunathan, Trivellore
BIOSTAT521 Applied Biostatistics Graduate
Fall 3 Zawistowski, Matt
BIOSTAT523 Statistical Methods in Epidemiology Graduate
Fall 4 Murray, Susan
BIOSTAT594 Applied Generalized Linear Models Graduate
Fall 3 Wu, Zhenke
BIOSTAT595 Applied Longitudinal Analysis Using R Graduate
Fall 2 Zawistowski, Matt
BIOSTAT600 Introduction to Biostatistics Graduate
Fall 2 Jiang, Hui
BIOSTAT601 Probability and Distribution Theory Graduate
Fall 4 Wang, Lu
BIOSTAT607 Basic Computing for Data Analytics Graduate
Fall 1-3 Henderson, Nicholas
BIOSTAT615 Statistical Computing Graduate
Fall 3 Kang, Jian
BIOSTAT619 Clinical Trials Graduate
Fall 3 Kidwell, Kelley
BIOSTAT625 Computing with Big Data Graduate
Fall 3 Jiang, Hui
BIOSTAT640 Data Science Seminar Graduate
Fall 1 Jagadish, H.V.
BIOSTAT650 Theory and Application of Linear Regression Graduate
Fall 4 Shi, Xu
BIOSTAT653 Theory and Application of Longitudinal Analysis. Graduate
Fall 3 Wu, Zhenke
BIOSTAT666 Statistical Models and Numerical Methods in Human Genetics Graduate
Fall 3 Kang, Hyun Min
BIOSTAT675 Survival Time Analysis Graduate
Fall 3 Li, Yi
BIOSTAT680 Applications of Stochastic Processes I Graduate
Fall 3 Wen, William
BIOSTAT681 Introduction to Causal Inference Graduate
Fall 3 Elliot, Michael
BIOSTAT682 Applied Bayesian Inference Graduate
Fall 3 Johnson, Timothy
BIOSTAT800 Seminar in Biostatistics Graduate
Fall, Winter 0.5 Han, Peisong
BIOSTAT801 Advanced Inference I Graduate
Fall 3 Tsodikov, Alexander
BIOSTAT803 Biostatistics in Cancer Seminar Graduate
Fall 1 Taylor, Jeremy
BIOSTAT810 Approaches to the Responsible Practice of Biostatistics Graduate
Fall 1 Jiang, Hui
BIOSTAT820 Readings in Biostatistics Graduate
Fall, Winter, Spring-Summer 1-4 Staff
BIOSTAT842 Seminal Ideas and Controversies in Statistics Graduate
Fall 3 Little, Roderick
BIOSTAT880 Statistical Analysis With Missing Data Graduate
Fall 3 Han, Peisong
BIOSTAT990 Dissertation/Pre-Candidacy Graduate
Fall, Winter, Spring-Summer 1-8 Staff
BIOSTAT995 Dissertation Research for Doctorate in Philosophy Graduate
Fall, Winter, Spring-Summer 1-8 Staff