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Fall Term Environmental Health Sciences Courses
Course Title Term(s) Credits Instructor(s)
EHS500 principles of environmental health sciences Fall 3 Neitzel, Richard
EHS510 responsible conduct in research and scholarship Fall, Winter 1
EHS550 introduction to occupational and environmental health Fall 3 Meeker, John
EHS570 water quality management Fall 3 Xi, Chuanwu
EHS572 environmental impact assessment (nre 514) Fall 2 Batterman, Stuart
EHS574 environmental chemistry Fall 3 Ault, Andrew
EHS578 practical projects Fall, Winter, Spring, Spring-Summer, Summer 1-4 Staff
EHS581 principles of radiological health Fall
Not offered 2017-2018
1 Miklos, Joe
EHS582 principles of community air pollution Fall 3 Dvonch, Tim
EHS588 environmental law (snre 475) Fall, Winter 3 Staff
EHS601 exposure science and health Fall 3 Neitzel, Richard; Dvonch, Tim;
EHS602 essentials of toxicology Fall 3 Colacino, Justin
EHS604 professional perspectives in environmental health Fall 2 Jolliet, Olivier
EHS616 introduction to toxicological pathology Fall 2 Bergin, Ingrid
EHS622 mechanisms of developmental toxicology Fall 2 Harris, Craig
EHS623 mechanisms of reproductive toxicology Fall
Not offered 2017-2018
2 Loch Caruso, Rita
EHS640 environmental chemistry laboratory Fall 2 Ault, Andrew
EHS652 evaluation of chemical hazards Fall 3-4 Zellers, Edward
EHS658 physical hazards Fall 1 Neitzel, Richard
EHS672 life cycle assessment: human health and environmental impacts Fall 3 Jolliet, Olivier
EHS687 computational toxicology Fall
Not offered 2017-2018
2 Richardson, Rudy
EHS688 professional development in environmental health sciences i Fall 0.5 Ault, Andrew
EHS689 professional development in environmental health sciences ii Fall 0.5 Ault, Andrew
EHS690 practice in global environmental health Fall 2 Xi, Chuanwu; Dvonch, Tim;
EHS697 readings Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 1-3 Staff
EHS698 research Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 1-6 Staff
EHS699 master's thesis Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 1 Staff
EHS717 toxicological pathology laboratory Fall, Winter 1 Bergin, Ingrid
EHS757 occupational health aspects of industrial processes Fall 2 Staff
EHS796 special topics in environmental health sciences Fall, Winter 1-3 Staff
EHS801 research and communication in the environmental health sciences Fall 2 Dolinoy, Dana
EHS869 doctoral seminar in occupational and environmental health Fall 1 Loch Caruso, Rita
EHS899 advanced research Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 1-6 Staff
EHS990 dissertation/pre-candidacy Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 1-8 Staff
EHS995 dissertation research for doctorate in philosophy Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 8 Staff