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33 Fall Term Epidemiology Courses
Course Title Term(s) Credits Instructor(s)
EPID299 independent research for undergraduates Fall, Winter 1-3 Staff
EPID399 independent research for undergraduates Fall, Winter 1-3 Staff
EPID504 polymicrobial communities laboratory Fall 3 Rickard, Alex
EPID505 polymicrobial communities in human health and disease Fall 3 Rickard, Alex
EPID506 health of nations: introduction to international health Fall 3 Lee, Gwenyth
EPID511 introduction to public health genetics Fall 3 Marrs, Carl F
EPID512 biologic basis of disease Fall 2 Bakulski, Kelly
EPID514 social epidemiology Fall 3 Needham, Belinda
EPID515 genetics in public health Fall 3 Smith, Jennifer
EPID530 scientific communication for epidemiologists Fall 1 August, Ella
EPID531 epidemiology capstone writing course Fall, Winter 1 August, Ella
EPID543 epidemiology of viral diseases Fall 3 Martin, Emily
EPID565 research in hospital and molecular epidemiology Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 1-6 Staff
EPID600 introduction to epidemiology Fall 4 Villamor, Eduardo
EPID601 principles and methods of epidemiology Fall 4 Gordon, Aubree
EPID604 applications of epidemiology Fall, Winter, Spring, Spring-Summer, Summer 1-4 Staff
EPID605 infectious disease epidemiology Fall 3 Martin, Emily
EPID624 readings in epidemiology Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 1-2 Staff
EPID633 introduction to mathematical modeling in epidemiology and public health Fall 3 Eisenberg, Marisa
EPID640 sas for epidemiological research Fall 3 Adar, Sara
EPID643 surveillance and publicly available datasets Fall 1 Mondul, Alison
EPID644 contemporary methods Fall 1 Needham, Belinda
EPID663 health, evidence, and human rights Fall 3 Harlow, Sioban
EPID677 epidemiology of aging Fall 2 Mendes de Leon, Carlos
EPID681 hospital epidemiolgy ii Fall 3 Chenoweth, Carol
EPID811 critical appraisal of epidemiologic studies Fall 3 Adar, Sara
EPID815 modern statistical methods in epidemiologic studies Fall 4 Park, Sung Kyun; Berrocal, Veronica;
EPID889 responsible conduct of research and scholarship seminar Fall, Winter 1 Villamor, Eduardo; Pearce, C. Leigh;
EPID890 doctoral seminar in epidemiology Fall, Winter 1-2 Martin, Emily
EPID891 advanced readings in epidemiology Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 2 Staff
EPID990 dissertation research/pre-candidate Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 1-8 Staff
EPID995 dissertation research/candidate Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 8 Staff
PUBHLTH512 principles of epidemiology for public health Fall, Winter 3 Karvonen-Gutierrez, Carrie; Pearce, C. Leigh;