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27 Fall Term Public Health Courses
Course Title Type Term(s) Credits Instructor(s)
PUBHLTH200 Health and Society: Introduction to Public Health Undergraduate
Fall, Winter 4 Kennedy, Sheela; Franzblau, Alfred; Youatt, Emily;
PUBHLTH306 Practical Tools for Conducting Public Health Research Undergraduate
Fall 3 Gamarel, Kristi
PUBHLTH311 Introduction to Public Health Genetics Undergraduate
Fall 3 Zhao, Wei
PUBHLTH350 Global Public Health: Challenges and Transformations Undergraduate
Fall 4 Wagner, Abram
PUBHLTH360 Community, Culture, and Social Justice (CCSJ) in Public Health Undergraduate
Fall 3 Harper, Gary
PUBHLTH370 Public Health Biology and Pathophysiology Undergraduate
Fall 4 Karvonen-Gutierrez, Carrie
PUBHLTH381 Public Health Systems: Achievements and Challenges Undergraduate
Fall 3 Creary, Melissa
PUBHLTH384 Creating Change in Public Health Undergraduate
Fall 3 Greer, Scott
PUBHLTH401 Exploring the public health spectrum of cancer: from prevention to survivorship Undergraduate
Not offered 2020-2021
3 Mondul, Alison
PUBHLTH403 Obesity: From Cells to Society Undergraduate
Not offered 2020-2021
3 Bridges, Dave; Bauer, Kate;
PUBHLTH405 Social history of infectious disease Undergraduate
Fall 3 Zelner, Jonathan
PUBHLTH407 Links between Infectious and Non-Communicable Diseases Undergraduate
Fall 3 Yang, Zhenhua
PUBHLTH414 Population Approaches to Mental Health Undergraduate
Fall 3 Mezuk, Briana; Mezuk, Briana;
PUBHLTH450 Critical Reflections on Global Public Health Undergraduate
Fall 3 Lee, Gwenyth
PUBHLTH465 The Science of Medicine Undergraduate
Fall 3 Morgenstern, Lewis
PUBHLTH477 Readings in Public Health Undergraduate
Fall, Winter 1-3 Youatt, Emily; Staff;
PUBHLTH478 Practical Projects in Public Health Undergraduate
Fall, Winter 1-3 Staff; Youatt, Emily;
PUBHLTH479 Independent Research in Public Health Undergraduate
Fall, Winter 1-3 Youatt, Emily
PUBHLTH481 Public Health Practice and Professionalism Undergraduate
Fall 3 Youatt, Emily
PUBHLTH507 Social Determinants of Health and Health Communication Graduate
Fall 2 Lopez, William
PUBHLTH508 Social Determinants of Health Graduate
Fall 1 Caldwell, Cleo
PUBHLTH510 Communication Fundamentals Graduate
Fall 1 Zikmund-Fisher, Brian
PUBHLTH512 Principles of Epidemiology for Public Health Graduate
Fall, Winter 3 Pearce, C. Leigh; Karvonen-Gutierrez, Carrie;
PUBHLTH626 Understanding and Improving the US Healthcare System Graduate
Fall 1 Farris, Karen; Goold, Susan;
PUBHLTH680 Applied Practice and Integrative Experience I Graduate
Fall 2 August, Ella; Kardia, Sharon;
PUBHLTH741 Interdisciplinary Problem Solving Graduate
Fall, Winter 1-3 Staff
PUBHLTH796 Special Topics in Public Health Graduate
Fall, Winter, Spring-Summer 1-5 Staff