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33 Winter Term Public Health Courses
Course Title Type Term(s) Credits Instructor(s)
PUBHLTH200 Health and Society: Introduction to Public Health Undergraduate
Fall, Winter 4 Kennedy, Sheela; Franzblau, Alfred; Youatt, Emily;
PUBHLTH305 The Environment And Human Health Undergraduate
Winter 3 Rozek, Laura
PUBHLTH308 Black American Health: A Focus on Children, Families, and Communities Undergraduate
Winter 3 Anderson, Riana
PUBHLTH309 Hunger in America: Building Skills to Feed Communities Undergraduate
Winter 3 Aaronson, Susan; Bauer, Kate;
PUBHLTH310 Nutrition in the life cycle Undergraduate
Winter 3 Anderson, Olivia
PUBHLTH313 LGBTQ+ Health Promotion: Local and Global Strategies Undergraduate
Winter 3 Harper, Gary
PUBHLTH314 Public Health in U.S. Popular Culture Undergraduate
Winter 2 Youatt, Emily
PUBHLTH318 Food Literacy for All Undergraduate
Winter 2 Leung, Cindy
PUBHLTH382 Population Health Determinants & Disparities Undergraduate
Winter 3 Mehdipanah, Roshanak
PUBHLTH383 Data Driven Solutions in Public Health Undergraduate
Winter 4 Zawistowski, Matt
PUBHLTH400 Race and Racism in Public Health Undergraduate
Not offered 2020-2021
4 Needham, Belinda
PUBHLTH402 Changing Health Behaviors: What Works Undergraduate
Winter 3 Piette, John
PUBHLTH410 Making Change: Public Health Policy Advocacy in Principle and Practice Undergraduate
Not offered 2020-2021
3 Wolfson, Julia
PUBHLTH411 Making Change: Experiential Learning in Effective Public Health Policy Advocacy Undergraduate
Not offered 2020-2021
1 Martin, Jenifer; Staff;
PUBHLTH413 Vaccines in Public Health Undergraduate
Winter 3 Yang, Zhenhua
PUBHLTH460 Introduction to Bacterial Pathogenesis Undergraduate
Winter 3
PUBHLTH477 Readings in Public Health Undergraduate
Fall, Winter 1-3 Youatt, Emily; Staff;
PUBHLTH478 Practical Projects in Public Health Undergraduate
Fall, Winter 1-3 Staff; Youatt, Emily;
PUBHLTH479 Independent Research in Public Health Undergraduate
Fall, Winter 1-3 Youatt, Emily
PUBHLTH482 Writing in Public Health Undergraduate
Winter 3 August, Ella
PUBHLTH503 Service Learning for Health Professionals Graduate
Winter 2 Farris, Karen
PUBHLTH511 Nutrition and Public Health Graduate
Winter 2 Peterson, Karen; Leung, Cindy;
PUBHLTH512 Principles of Epidemiology for Public Health Graduate
Fall, Winter 3 Pearce, C. Leigh; Karvonen-Gutierrez, Carrie;
PUBHLTH513 Public Health Systems, Policy and Management Graduate
Winter 3 Rubyan, Michael
PUBHLTH514 Public Health Sciences and the Environment Graduate
Winter 2 Neitzel, Richard
PUBHLTH515 Population Health Graduate
Winter 3 Kardia, Sharon
PUBHLTH516 Leadership Skills for Interprofessional Practice Graduate
Winter 1 Beck, Angela
PUBHLTH554 Applications in Global Public Health Graduate
Winter 3 Rozek, Laura
PUBHLTH615 Public Health in Action: National Graduate
Winter 2 Staff
PUBHLTH616 Public Health in Action: International Graduate
Winter 2 Staff
PUBHLTH622 Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Public Health: New Business Models for a public health economy Graduate
Not offered 2020-2021
1 Verhey-Henke, Ann
PUBHLTH741 Interdisciplinary Problem Solving Graduate
Fall, Winter 1-3 Staff
PUBHLTH796 Special Topics in Public Health Graduate
Fall, Winter, Spring-Summer 1-5 Staff