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24 Winter Term Nutritional Sciences Courses
Course Title Term(s) Credits Instructor(s)
NUTR510 nutrition in the life cycle Winter 3 Anderson, Olivia
NUTR540 maternal and child nutrition Winter 2 Cole, Suzanne
NUTR578 practical projects Fall, Winter, Spring-Summer 1-4 Staff
NUTR585 food service management Winter 2 Haas, Lindsay
NUTR622 weight bias & health Winter 2 Sonneville, Kendrin
NUTR626 controversial topics in the role of nutrition on chronic disease Winter 3 Baylin, Ana
NUTR631 metabolism of vitamins & minerals Winter 3 Cole, Suzanne
NUTR633 evaluation of global nutrition programs Winter 3 Jones, Andrew
NUTR637 medical nutrition therapy ii Winter 2 Han-Markey, Theresa
NUTR646 approaches in nutrition counseling Winter 3 Sonneville, Kendrin
NUTR650 socio-ecological approaches to child and adolescent nutrition Winter 3 Bauer, Kate
NUTR651 physical activity and nutrition Winter 3 Mancuso, Peter
NUTR657 nutrition, the environment, and cancer Winter 3 Zick, Suzanna; Colacino, Justin;
NUTR677 physical growth and maturation Winter 2 Peterson, Karen
NUTR688 research topics in nutritional sciences Fall, Winter 1 Seo, Young-Ah
NUTR697 readings in nutritional sciences Fall, Winter 1-3 Staff
NUTR698 research in nutritional sciences Fall, Winter 1-6 Staff
NUTR699 masters thesis in nutritional sciences Fall, Winter 1 Staff
NUTR796 special topics in nutritional sciences Fall, Winter 1-6 Aaronson, Susan; Cole, Suzanne; Dolinoy, Dana; Han-Markey, Theresa; Jones, Andrew; Mancuso, Peter; Peterson, Karen; Sonneville, Kendrin; Staff; Baylin, Ana; Anderson, Olivia;
NUTR802 professional development and technical writing Winter 2 Sonneville, Kendrin
NUTR803 effective teaching in public health Winter 2 Anderson, Olivia
NUTR899 advanced research in nutritional sciences Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 1-6 Staff
NUTR990 dissertation research/pre-candidate Fall, Winter, Spring-Summer 1-8 Staff
NUTR995 dissertation research for doctorate in philosophy Fall, Winter, Spring-Summer 1-8 Staff