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Course Title Term(s) Credits Instructor(s)
BIOSTAT449 topics in biostatistics Winter 3 Staff
BIOSTAT501 introduction to biostatistics Fall 4 Boehnke, Michael L
BIOSTAT502 application of regression analysis to public health studies Winter 3 Han, Peisong
BIOSTAT512 analyzing longitudinal and clustered data using statistical software Winter 3 Welch, Kathy
BIOSTAT521 applied biostatistics Fall 4 Jiang, Hui
BIOSTAT522 biostatistical analysis for health-related studies Winter 3 Kim, Myra
BIOSTAT523 statistical methods in epidemiology Fall 4 Wu, Zhenke
BIOSTAT578 practical projects Fall, Winter, Spring, Spring-Summer, Summer 1-4 Staff
BIOSTAT600 introduction to biostatistics Fall 1 Sanchez, Brisa; Welch, Kathy;
BIOSTAT601 probability and distribution theory Fall 4 Wang, Lu; Zhou, Xiang;
BIOSTAT602 biostatistical inference Winter 4 Sen, Ananda
BIOSTAT605 intro to sas statistical programming Fall 1 Staff
BIOSTAT606 introduction to biocomputing Fall 1 Boehnke, Michael L; Grant, Barry; Jiang, Hui; Kang, Hyun Min; Kidd, Jeff; Kitzman, Jacob; Mills, Ryan; Sartor, Maureen;
BIOSTAT610 readings in biostatistics Fall, Winter 1-4
BIOSTAT615 statistical computing Fall 3 Kang, Hyun Min
BIOSTAT617 theory and methods of sample design (soc 717 and stat 580 and survmeth 617) Winter 3 Elliot, Michael
BIOSTAT619 clinical trials Winter 3 Boonstra, Philip
BIOSTAT645 time series analysis with biomedical applications Fall
Not offered 2017-2018
BIOSTAT646 high throughput molecular genetic and epigenetic data analysis Winter 3 Sartor, Maureen; Tsoi, Alex;
BIOSTAT650 applied statistics i: linear regression Fall 4 Banerjee, Mousumi
BIOSTAT651 applied statistics ii: extensions for linear regression Winter 3 LI, Yun
BIOSTAT652 design of experiments Fall
Not offered 2017-2018
3 Raghunathan, Trivellore
BIOSTAT653 applied statistics iii: longitudinal analysis Fall 3 Zhou, Xiang
BIOSTAT664 special topics in biostastics Fall, Winter
Not offered 2017-2018
BIOSTAT665 statistical population genetics Winter 3 Zoellner, Sebastian
BIOSTAT666 statistical models and numerical methods in human genetics Fall 3 Abecasis, Goncalo
BIOSTAT675 survival time analysis Fall 3 Li, Yi
BIOSTAT680 applications of stochastic processes i Fall 3 Wen, William
BIOSTAT682 applied bayesian inference Fall 3 Kang, Jian
BIOSTAT685 elements of nonparametric statistics Winter 3 Nan, Bin
BIOSTAT695 analysis of categorical data Fall 3 Wang, Lu
BIOSTAT696 spatial statistics Fall
Not offered 2017-2018
3 Berrocal, Veronica
BIOSTAT698 modern statistical methods in epidemiologic studies Fall
Not offered 2017-2018
4 Berrocal, Veronica; Park, Sung Kyun;
BIOSTAT699 analysis of biostatistical investigations Winter 4 Mukherjee, Bhramar; Sanchez, Brisa; Braun, Thomas;
BIOSTAT800 seminar in biostatistics Fall, Winter 0.5 Staff
BIOSTAT801 advanced inference i Fall 3 Tsodikov, Alexander
BIOSTAT802 advanced inference ii Winter 3 Song, Peter Xuekun
BIOSTAT803 biostatistics in cancer seminar Fall 1 Taylor, Jeremy
BIOSTAT810 approaches to the responsible practice of biostatistics Fall 1 Staff
BIOSTAT815 advanced topics in computational statistics Fall
Not offered 2017-2018
3 Kang, Hyun Min
BIOSTAT820 readings in biostatistics Fall, Winter, Spring-Summer 1-4 Staff
BIOSTAT830 advanced topics in biostatistics Fall, Winter 1-4 Wen, William
BIOSTAT855 regression models in complex sample design settings (jpsm/mpsm 895) Fall
Not offered 2017-2018
3 Elliot, Michael
BIOSTAT865 advanced statistical population genetics Winter 3 Zoellner, Sebastian
BIOSTAT866 advanced topics in genetic modeling Winter
Not offered 2017-2018
3 Abecasis, Goncalo
BIOSTAT870 analysis of repeated measurements Fall
Not offered 2017-2018
BIOSTAT875 advanced topics in survival analysis Winter 3 Nan, Bin
BIOSTAT880 statistical analysis with missing data Winter
Not offered 2017-2018
BIOSTAT885 nonparametric statistics Winter 3 Song, Peter Xuekun
BIOSTAT895 analysis of multivariate categorical data Fall
Not offered 2017-2018
3 Song, Peter Xuekun
BIOSTAT896 spatial statistics Winter
Not offered 2017-2018
3 Berrocal, Veronica
BIOSTAT990 dissertation/pre-candidacy Fall, Winter, Spring-Summer 1-8 Staff
BIOSTAT995 dissertation research for doctorate in philosophy Fall, Winter, Spring-Summer 1-8 Staff