Courses Taught by Kelly Bakulski


  • Graduate level
  • Fall term(s)
  • 2 Credit Hour(s)
  • Instructor(s): Bakulski, Kelly
  • Last offered Fall 2017
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Description: This course will examine the major pathological processes of interest to practitioners of Public Health. Specifically, the physiological mechanisms of disease will be examined with a view to understanding the cellular, biochemical and molecular processes that underlie diseases of major public health impact.

EPID674: Epidemiologic Data Analysis using R

  • Graduate level
  • Winter term(s)
  • 1 Credit Hour(s)
  • Instructor(s): Park, Sung Kyun; Bakulski, Kelly;
  • Last offered Winter 2017
  • Prerequisites: EPID 503 or EPID 600 AND BIOSTAT 503 or BIOSTAT 553
  • Description: This course will introduce the R statistical programming language for epidemiologic data analysis. This course will focus on core basics of organizing, managing, and manipulating data; basic graphics in R; and descriptive methods and regression models widely used in epidemiology.
  • Course Goals: The overall goal of the course is to provide students with a set of new data analysis tools for Epidemiology using R.
  • Competencies: After completing this class, students are expected t-be able t-attain the following Epidemiology Department MPH competencies: -Be familiar with basic aspects of field methods in epidemiology (e.g. human subject protection, data collection and management, survey design, sampling strategies, calculating power, and public health surveillance) [Epid competency 8]. Specifically, students will be able to Enter, manage, and manipulate data in R -Conduct basic data analysis in R -Graphically display quantitative data in R