Student Communications

Communication Opportunities at the School of Public Health

Community Email: Do you have a general public health related announcement, event, or opportunity to share?

All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to send messages to Messages sent to this group email will reach over 1,500 members.

Event Promotion: Do you have an event to promote?

In addition to sending a message to, students, faculty, and staff may also:

  • Submit an event to the Public Health online calendar. Events on the Public Health calendar will automatically be included in The Vector: Events. This newsletter is sent to all students, faculty, and staff on Fridays throughout the academic year.
  • Submit a flyer for the events calendar and digital signage. If you have a flyer for your event, you will be given the opportunity to upload it when you submit an event. Event flyers in the correct format will also be included on digital signage around the school. Please note that only landscape-oriented flyers work on our digital signs.

Newsletter Requests: Do you have information you would like to share with U-M School of Public Health students through the Vector Newsletter?

  • Please email for all student related Vector newsletter requests. Information sent to this email will be reviewed for undergraduate, graduate, and online student communications. (Newsletter requests for faculty and staff should be sent to
  • All student newsletter requests should be submitted by 11:59 pm on Mondays to be considered for that week’s newsletter. Consideration cannot be guaranteed for late requests. 
  • Events will mainly be highlighted in The Vector: Events.
  • should be used when advertising non-SPH courses.
  • Student newsletters are currently sent duirng the academic year only.

Additional advertising opportunities: 

Optional email Groups

Individuals can opt-in or out of optional email groups at any time:

  • go to MCommunity
  • select "Log In" and enter your uniqname and password
  • Search for the appropriate group name
  • select "join" or "resign"

Optional group emails at the School of Public Health include:

  • Group Name:
    email address:
    This is the main email address used by students, faculty, and staff for general public health related announcements, events, or opportunities.

  • Group Name: sph-marketplace
    email address:
    This is a Public Health community list for buying and selling goods (but NOT sports tickets, as prohibited by U-M policy).

  • Group Name: Public Health First Gen Student Social Club
    email address:
    This email group is for students interested in being a part of the first generation community at the School of Public Health.

  • Group Name: Public Health International Student Social Club
    email address:
    This email group is for students interested in being a part of the international community at the School of Public Health.

  • Group Name: SPH Student Yoga
    email address:
    This group is for students interested in free yoga classes at the School of Public Health.

Mandatory Email Groups for Official University Information

The email groups below require mandatory participation from Public Health Students: 

  • Includes all graduate and undergraduate students
  • Includes all graduate students
  • Includes all undergraduate students

Only official moderators may send messages to mandatory email groups for reasons related to:

  • Notices about changes in governance, policy, and practice
  • Information essential to the student experience, i.e. registering for classes
  • Alerts about health and safety
  • Other Information or events deemed important by the Dean and the Assistant Dean for Student Engagement and Practice

Responsible Use

Members of all email groups must communicate respectfully, and violations of the University of Michigan Responsible Use Policy could result in removal from the group and disciplinary procedures. Excerpts from the Responsible Use Policy includes:

  • To respect the privacy of other users; for example, you shall not intentionally seek information on, ..., shall not represent others, ...,nor shall you divulge sensitive personal data ...
  • To respect the rights of other users; for example, you shall comply with all University policies regarding sexual, racial, and other forms of harassment.
  • To respect the intended usage of resources; for example, you shall use only those resources assigned to you ... for the purposes specified, .....You may not use University resources assigned to you or others for profit-making or fund-raising activities unless explicitly authorized to do so by the appropriate authority.
  • To respect the shared nature of resources; for example, you shall avoid activities that unreasonably tax system resources or that, through frivolous use, go beyond the intended use of the system.
  • To respect the intended usage of systems for electronic exchange ...; for example, you shall not send forged electronic mail, mail that will intimidate or harass other users, chain messages that can interfere with the efficiency of the system, mass mailings not related to the topic(s) of the addressed group(s), or promotional mail for profit-making purposes

Important update from the UM Athletic Ticket Office

Students should NOT be reselling UM athletic event tickets at ANY price via or any other listserv, per which says: "Attempting to sell or solicit the sale of a ticket(s) (even at face value) on campus without a permit violates University policy." The School of Public Health expects participants to conduct personal transactions in compliance with University policies and federal, state and local laws. The School of Public Health will not accept responsibility for any goods or services offered, and will not mediate any part of the transaction before, during, or after it is undertaken.