Epidemiology Core Requirements

Options for fulfilling the epidemiology core requirement include satisfactory completion of one of the following two options:

  • Option 1: Successful completion of Epidemiology 503 or Epidemiology 601.
  • Option 2: Successful completion of the epidemiology exemption examination.

Choosing Between Public Health 512 and Epidemiology 601

Public Health 512 is the preferred course for students in most departments. This 3-credit hour course is offered fall and winter term(s) for residential students, and fall term only for online students. This course provides a foundation to the principles of epidemiology for applications to public health. This introductory epidemiology course is for students who are NOT pursuing an Epidemiology MPH. The course will overview the fundamental concepts of epidemiology including measures of frequency and association, study design, data collection and interpretation. This course will have a hybrid style (online & in-class) of instruction.

Epidemiology 601 is a 4-credit hour course offered in fall term designed for epidemiology majors. It assumes concurrent enrollment in pathology and biostatistics or prior preparation. The course is targeted to an audience with prerequisites consistent with acceptance into the epidemiology masters' program, which assumes appropriate preparation in mathematics and biology.