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EPID531: Epidemiology Capstone Writing Course

  • Graduate level
  • Residential
  • Fall, Winter term(s) for residential students;
  • 1 Credit Hour(s) for residential students;
  • Instructor(s): August, Ella (Residential);
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Description: This course supports Epidemiology MPH students' capstone development. Students will perform pre-writing activities to help them structure and organize their capstone, will engage in structured peer review with classmates and will have a chance to reflect on and revise their work throughout the semester.
  • Learning Objectives: 1) write capstone in the format of a journal-style scientific article 2) understand how to tailor scientific article (aka capstone) to a specific audience (in this case readers of the student's target journal) 3) be able to develop effective written and oral arguments in a scientific journal article 4) get practice using conventions specific to academic writing and even more specifically those associated with the student's area of research 5) further develop writing process through reflection, discussion and trying new approaches 6) provide constructive feedback to peers on their writing 7) revise writing based on feedback from peers, advisor and instructor 8) explain the critical importance of evidence in advancing public health knowledge
Concentration Competencies that EPID531 Allows Assessment On
Department Program Degree Competency Specific course(s) that allow assessment
EPID Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology MPH Communicate environmental or occupational epidemiological findings in writing using standards of peer-reviewed journals, including descriptions of design, results, and interpretation EPID531