Courses Details

EPID674: Epidemiologic Data Analysis Using R

  • Graduate level
  • Residential and Online MPH and Online MS
  • This is a second year course for Online students
  • Fall, Winter term(s) for residential students; Winter term(s) for online MPH students; Winter term(s) for online MS students.
  • 1 credit hour(s) for residential students; 2 credit hour(s) for online MPH students; 3 credit hour(s) for online MS students;
  • Instructor(s): Bakulski, Kelly (Residential); Hayashi, Michael (Online MPH); Hayashi, Michael (Online MS);
  • Offered Every Year
  • Last offered Winter 2022
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Advisory Prerequisites: (EPID 640, PH 512) or (EPID 600, BIOSTAT 521 or 501)
  • Undergraduates are allowed to enroll in this course.
  • Description: This course introduces the R statistical programming language for epidemiologic data analysis. Content focuses on organizing, managing, and manipulating data; basic graphics in R; and descriptive methods and regression models widely used in epidemiology. The 2-credit option includes statistical modeling in R. The 3-credit option adds programming in R.