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HMP652: Health Law

  • Graduate level
  • both Residential and OJOC
  • Fall term(s) for residential students;
  • 3 Credit Hour(s) for residential students;
  • Instructor(s):
  • Not offered 2020-2021
  • Prerequisites: HMP 600, 601
  • Description: The purpose of this course is to introduce public health students, especially those interested in health administration and management, to the legal issues they are likely to face in managing a health care organization. The goals of the course are for students to understand generally: the functions of and interaction between courts, legislatures, regulators; the role of the courts in health policy and health care delivery; how to recognize legal issues and communicate with attorneys; how law will affect students as strategic thinkers in health care positions; how to apply basic tort and contract principles; and how to apply basic corporate law and antitrust principles. Specific topics will vary, but will usually include: liability; health care institutions as corporations; antitrust; tax exemption; privacy and confidentiality; regulatory oversight of health care systems, including quality of care; legal requirements for access to health care; nondiscrimination; and general employment issues. This class can be taken as an elective or in fulfillment of the law/politics requirement.
  • Syllabus for HMP652