Courses Details

NUTR594: Molecular Nutrition

  • Graduate level
  • Both Online MPH and Online MS
  • This is a second year course for Online students
  • Fall term(s) for online MPH students; Fall term(s) for online MS students.
  • 3 credit hour(s) for online MPH students; 3 credit hour(s) for online MS students;
  • Instructor(s): Bridges, Dave (Online MPH); Bridges, Dave (Online MS);
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Advisory Prerequisites: Undergraduate biology, chemistry and physiology
  • Description: Individual food decisions can have profound impacts on our health. Here, you will learn about the molecular components of food, and how we digest, absorb, transport, and use them in our bodies. We will then use this information to understand how individuals differ in terms of how foods affect them.
  • Learning Objectives: Evaluate foods based on the micro- and macronutrients contained within them Apply knowledge of metabolic, transport, and regulatory mechanisms to predict physiological changes associated with variation in humans.