Courses Details

PUBHLTH681: Applied Practice and Integrative Experience II

  • Graduate level
  • Online MPH only
  • This is a first year course for Online students
  • Winter term(s) for online MPH students;
  • 2 credit hour(s) for online MPH students;
  • Instructor(s): Ella August, Sharon Kardia, (Online MPH);
  • Prerequisites: PubHlth 512, Biostats 501
  • Description: Students will continue with research, analysis, evaluation and writing to complete their capstone project. They will also explore different professional writing format.
  • Learning Objectives: Objectives: - Complete integrated learning experience project, through research, analysis and evaluation - Produce a written capstone in a professional format - Understand how to tailor written product (aka your capstone) to a specific audience (intended readers of student's work) - Be able to develop effective written and oral communications - Get practice using conventions specific to practice-based and/or academic writing - Further develop writing process through reflection and trying new approaches - Revise own writing based on feedback from advisor - Explain the critical importance of evidence in advancing public health knowledge
Elizabeth Levin-Sparenberg
Ella August
Sharon Kardia