Alumni & Careers

As a member of the Biostatistics alumni family, you are vitally important to the quality of our programs and to the success of our graduates. Alumni regularly visit the department, serve as guest lecturers or adjunct instructors on timely topics, and collaborate with faculty on research projects. They often serve as summer internship hosts and turn to us when recruiting permanent professional employees.

Support the Future of Biostatistics


Many of our alumni found the U-M Biostatistics Department to be a place of great personal and academic growth during their studies here. Now that you’ve joined this large and growing group of Biostatistics alumni, we invite you to continue your association with our department. As one aspect of this, we hope that you will consider providing support for future Biostatisticians. We have two primary funds that contribute to the development of our program for our current and future students. By donating to the Cornell Scholarship Fund, you are helping future students reach their educational goals through the development of a stronger scholarship program. In addition, every donation to the Cornell Scholarship Fund is matched dollar for dollar. If you give to the Biostatistics Student Development Fund, you will be providing the financial backing for student awards and other student support, upgrades to computer labs, and development of our alumni programs.

If you are interested in making a contribution, you can contact the School of Public Health’s Development Office by phone at 734-764-8093 or by e-mail at You can also donate online.