Conferencing Options

At SPH we offer two options for conferencing and remote collaboration:


Video conferencing at SPH is conducted primarily through BlueJeans service. All U-M faculty, staff and sponsored affiliates can register for a BlueJeans user account. Completing the registration process and customizing your personal meeting ID and passcode takes less than five minutes. You may participate in a BlueJeans session from your own computer, tablet, or phone. , Moreover, at SPH there are multiple rooms already equipped with videoconferencing hardware: 1750, 2610, 2635, 2655, 2690 in SPH I, and M1159, M1236  in SPH II. Moreover, some of those units can fairly easily be moved to other rooms as needed.  Accounts are configured to support 100 endpoints but there is also a webcasting option, which allows up to 5,000 participants.

If you need assistance or have questions, please send a message to To read more about this service or for instructions on creating a free Blue Jeans account of your own, please visit the ITS Blue Jeans Service page.



Very similar in many aspects to BlueJeans, Zoom is a web conferencing platform that supports easy sharing of computer content: participants can see slides, video clips, web pages, even the entire computer screen of the presenter. A high degree of interactivity is possible: participants can be allowed to take control of applications on someone else's computer; they can raise hands; engage in chat; answer polls and quizzes; draw diagrams on whiteboards; etc.

We have been using Zoom as our web conferencing system of choice to support our online learning programs, but our license is limited to 20 "hosts/presenters".

If you need assistance or have questions about Zoom, please send a message to