About The Collaborative

Our Mission

The Collaborative provides innovative, relevant, and scholarly research on health professions and health education training methods to increase the impact of healthcare leadership addressing health equity issues.

Our Vision

As an extension of the University of Michigan's School of Public Health (SPH) and the Department of Health Management and Policy (HMP), the vision of the LPC is to focus research efforts on:

  • Increasing the leadership diversity of the health care field
  • Community health care capacity building
  • Designing effective educational components/competencies for health care organization.

Our Organizational Structure

The Collaborative is housed within the UM's Department of Health Management and Policy (HMP). The Collaborative leadership team is supported by a national advisory board and is responsible for operations, programming, evaluation, and grant funding efforts for the UM Summer Enrichment Program.

The Collaborative Organization Diagram 

icon-AB Advisory Board

The Advisory Board will be comprised of community, healthcare, academic, and business leaders. The Advisory's focus is towards alignment of collaborative goals to the strategic plan. The advisory board chair will report directly to the Director. Meet our Advisory Board »

icon-scholars Faculty Scholars

Faculty Scholar roles are given to institutional professors and researchers that are able to partner and support projects, provide technical assistance, and engage with students. Meet our Faculty Scholars »

icon-HP Health Practitioners

Health Practitioner roles are associated with public health professionals currently working in the field that are willing to partner and support projects, provide technical assistance, and engage with students. Meet our Health Practitioners »

icon-ECs Executive Consultants

Executive Consultant roles are typically associated with senior executives and administrative leaders managing organizations impacted by health equity topics. They are willing to partner and advise on projects, lead forums, and mentor students.

icon-students Student Research Assistants

The role of Student Research Assistant includes collecting and analyzing data outcomes, program and student activity coordination, project participation, manuscript preparation, and dissemination of key findings.
Meet our Student Research Assistants »