Welcome to the Health Equity Management Repository!

The University of Michigan's Health Equity Leadership Pipeline Collaborative provides innovative, relevant, and scholarly research on health professions and health education training methods to increase the impact of healthcare leadership addressing health equity issues. Bearing this mission in mind, we've created the Health Equity Repository, a comprehensive collection of resources pertaining to public health and health equity. In the Repository, you'll find over 183 relevant toolkits, reports, and articles pertaining to issues ranging from health disparities among minority communities to reproductive rights. The Repository is intended for researchers, students, healthcare administrrators, government officials, and all those with a vested interest and public health and health equity, and is constantly evolving to accommodate the newest and most innovative research. 

How to Use

  1. Click on the Repository tab. The Repository is similar to an Excel spreadsheet, but it can be filtered for the viewer's convenience. 
  2. The Main Repository view displays all the sources compiled in the Repository. Each source's year, type, audience, population of focus, key features, publisher, and access information is tagged. The PDF (if freely accessible), informational slide, APA citation, and source URL are also included
  3. On the left-hand side, there are several different options for Repository viewing based on specific filter criteria. For example, if you select the "For Policy Makers" view, all the sources tagged as useful for policy makers will populate. 
  4. Colors are assigned to differentiate tags and to help users organize by category. They do not signify a ranking in source quality.  

For more help navigating the repository, see this short video. 

Health Equity Management Repository

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We hope you'll find this resource useful. Don't forget to support us here at the Collaborative, and happy searching!