Black Girl Magic - The Glow Up

A Video Blog By: Chanice Howard

New Center Community Services, a community mental health center located in Detroit, MI, held a Black female youth empowerment workshop on July 20, 2017.

Chanice Howard

Black Girl Magic: The Glow Up was created for UMSEP alum Ms. Chanice Howard. This workshop was centered on 4 pillars: (1) self-definition/positionality, (2) sisterhood, (3) healthy relationships, and (4) emotional wellness. The event was a free public event open to all girls ages 13-17 in the metro-Detroit area. The goal of the workshop was to provide a fulfilling experience and a safe space for young Black girls to partake in dialogue centered on their experience as both Black and female in Detroit and the U.S. During the workshop, there were a number of exercises and discussion topics for the girls to learn about the power of self-definition, transparency, and sisterhood.