Healthcare Capacity Building

The Collaborative photoWe are committed to providing resources and trainings to help our community partners become self-sufficient. Our partners understand what they need to thrive, but do not always know the best tools for engagement. To achieve this goal, we work with community partners to develop proposals, generate relevant data, and become knowledgeable about the health care system.

Authentic Leadership Project

The goal of the Authentic Leadership project is to develop, in partnership with the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) C-Suite initiative, a stream of leadership and leadership diversity research that produces a series of white papers and peer reviewed manuscripts to help guide processes related to advancement to and thriving in C-Suite Leadership. This project researches the intersection of leadership diversity gaps that continue to exist and the significance of safeguarding our succession to the C-Suite in an industry dominated by our majority counterparts. Furthermore, this project will serve as a key research product for NAHSE's conferencing efforts.

Paradoxical Progress of Women of Color Leaders Project

The goal of this project, in partnership with The Leverage Network, is to help contextualize the meaning of "paradoxical progress" through a series of white papers and peer reviewed manuscripts as a way to frame the integrated conversation of the lack of women of color (WOC) on major boards in business and management organizations. Paradoxical progress was introduced and defined as a notion of stereotyping Black women skills and personalities as negative characteristics, while those characteristics are the very components of a successful White male leader. This project extrapolates this notion, utilizing the conference's workshops as major findings to support the argument that authentic leadership is the right, complex solution to achieve a noticeable increase in WOC in the boardroom.