Research Areas

Leadership Diversity Enhancement

We are committed to increasing the number of minority health professionals in leadership roles, especially in the field of healthcare administration. With sound research and collaborations, we leverage the existing infrastructure, prepare our youth to compete, and increase access to burgeoning job and career tracks in health care. READ MORE »

Health Care Capacity Building

We are committed to providing resources and trainings to help our community partners become self-sufficient. Our partners understand what they need to thrive, but do not always know the best tools for engagement. To achieve this goal, we work with community partners to develop proposals, generate relevant data, and become knowledgeable about the health care system. READ MORE »

Health Education Programs

We are committed to providing our youth with educational and experiential programs that increase the diversity of the health professions. We strongly believe that our youth are the key to a healthy community. Our Summer Enrichment Program history and expertise are of great use for organizations interested in creating, partnering with, or supporting pipeline programs. READ MORE »