Interdisciplinary Group Seminar

An Interdisciplinary Workshop Sponsored by the Rackham Graduate School

Faculty sponsors: Mike Boehnke, Ph.D. and Jun Li, Ph.D.
Graduate student coordinators: Jed Carlson and Pranav Yajnik

Our seminars provide an exciting venue where students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty from complementary fields can share information about cutting-edge research in both intellectual and social settings.  We seek to foster the development of interactions between the researchers of complementary disciplines such as Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Human Genetics, Population Genetics, Statistical Genetics, and Statistics.  We are committed to bring you the best interdisciplinary seminar possible.

Current and past seminars are listed below.  Comments, suggestions and general feedback are always welcome.

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Schedule (all presentations are from 4:00-5:00)




Happy Hour
November 29, 2016 Zhenke Wu Detecting Autoimmune Disease Subsets for Estimated Autoantibody Signatures 1122 SPH 2 Sava's
April 5, 2016 Andy Clark, Cornell University Taming the Genome - the Silver Fox Story 1655 SPH 1  
March 22, 2016 Alan Boyle Conservation of Regulatory Domains Between Mouse and Human 5915 Buhl Buffalo Wild Wings
February 23, 2016 Laura Scott The Genetic Regulatory Signature of Type 2 Diabetes in Human Skeletal Muscle 2690 SPH 1 Buffalo Wild Wings 
January 26, 2016 Matthew Oetjens Inferring Chimpanzee Y Chromosome History and Amplicon Diversity from Whole Genome Sequencing 2690 SPH 1 Sava's
December 1, 2015 Muneesh Tewari Extracellular RNA, Biomarkers, and the Future of Disease Monitoring 5915 Buhl Red Hawk
October 13, 2015 Brian Metzger Disentangling the Effects of Mutation and Selection on the Evolution of Gene Expression 4917 Buhl Red Hawk
September 29, 2015 Evan Snitkin Genomic Insights into the Evolution and Epidemiology of Hospital-Associated Pathogens M1122 SPH 2 Red Hawk
April 14, 2015 Nancy Cox New Approaches to Integrating Large-Scale Data for Genomic Studies of Common Disease 1755 SPH 1  
March 17, 2015 Jacob Kitzman Massively Parallel Assays for Functional Interpretation of Mutations 3733 Med Sci II Red Hawk
February 17, 2015 Maureen Sartor Developing a Workflow for Analysis of Genome-wide DNA Methylation and 5-hydroxymethylation Data 2690 SPH 1 Gandy Dancer
December 9, 2014 Jeff Kidd and Shiya Song Exploring Population Separation History using Physically Phased Genomes 4917 Buhl Ashley's
November 8, 2014 Xiang Zhou The Genetic Architecture of Gene Expression Variation in Wilde Baboons 2690 SPH 1  
October 28, 2014 Justin Colacino Utilizing RNA-sequencing to Determine the Effects of Cancer Preventive Compounds in Breast Stem Cells 4917 Buhl Buffalo Wild Wings
September 16, 2014 Michael Boehnke Identifying Genes for Type 2 Diabetes by GWAS and Sequencing Studies 2690 SPH 1 Sava's
May 5, 2014 Mats Ljungman How to Express Yourself - The Many Layers of Gene Regulation 2690 SPH 1  
March 17, 2014 Vivian Cheung Human Genetic Variation 2695 SPH 1 Ashley's
January 27, 2014 Lars Fritsche Unraveling the Impact of Common and Rare Variants in Age-Related Macular Degeneration 2610 Crossroads Sava's
December 9, 2013 Gargi Dayama Comprehensive Analysis of Polymorphic Insertions in Human and Non-Human Primate Populations 5915 Buhl Ashley's
November 4, 2013 Dana Dolinoy Perinatal Environmental Exposures: Effects on Metabolic Homeostasis and the Epigenome 2695 Crossroads Sava's
June 10, 2013 Gilbert Omenn Splice Variant Proteins as a New Class of Cancer Biomarker Candidates 2610Crossroads Good Time Charley's
May 13, 2013 William Wen Investigating Gene-environment Interaction at Cellular Level:  Connecting Dots Between Genetics and Functional Genomics 2695 Crossroads  
April 15, 2013 Shigeki Iwase Histone Methylation Dynamics Underlying Human Cognitive Development 4917 Buhl Good Time Charley's
March 25, 2013 Martin F. Arlt Aberrant Replication and Mechanisms of Human CNV Formation  2695 Crossroads Buffalo Wild Wings
January 14, 2013 Anna Mapp Dissecting Transcription with Large and Small Molecules  4917 Buhl Sava's
December 17, 2012 Stephanie Bielas Investigating Human Specific Neurogenesis Defects Underlying Autosomal Recessive Primary Microcephaly  M1112 SPH 2 Good Time Charley's
November 4, 2012 Jeroen Huyghe New Loci and Low-frequency Variants Influencing Insulin Processing and Secretion and Other Lessons Learned by Analyzing Exome Chip Data 4917 Buhl Ashley's
October 15, 2012 Sharon Kardia The Role of Aging in the Heritability of Epigenomic Markers  2695 Crossroads Sava's
June 25, 2012 Carlo Sidore Whole Genome Sequencing of 2100 individuals in the founder Sardinian Population  4917 Buhl Buffalo Wild Wings 
April 16, 2012 Ryan Mills Natural Structural Variation in the Human Genome  M1112 SPH 2 Good Time Charley's
March 13, 2012 Hui Jiang Next-Generation Sequencing Read Alignment and Transcript Assembly 4917 Buhl Ashley's
February 13, 2012 Margit Burmeister Integrated Genomic Approach to Identify Genes Involved in Rare Neurological Disorders  1690 Crossroads Sava's
January 16, 2012 Tom Wilson Replication Stress-induced Structural Rearrangement of the Mammalian Genome 4917 Buhl Good Time Charley's
October 24, 2011 Pat Schloss That Other Human Genome: The Microbiome 4917 Buhl Buffalo Wild Wings
June 22, 2011 Shyam Gopalakrishnan Site Frequency Spectrum Estimation: Accounting for Uncertainty in Low Depth Sequencing Data M1112 SPH 2 Good Time Charley's
May 25, 2011 Maureen Sartor Gene Set Enrichment Testing with ChIP-Seq Results 4917 Buhl Sava's
March 30, 2011 Hyun Min Kang Next-generation Statistical Genetics Methods for Studying the Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits M1112 SPH 2 Sava's
March 2, 2011 Jun Li Computational Strategies for Studying Cancer Genome Complexity with SNP Data 4917 Buhl Good Time Charley's
December 8, 2010 Yasin Senbabaoglu Correlation Structure and Cluster Stability M1112 SPH 2 Buffalo Wild Wings
November 17, 2010 Anthony Antonellis Scanning the Human Genome for Schwann Cell Enhancers  4917 Buhl Red Hawk
October 19, 2010 Tanya Teslovich and Cris Van Hout ASHG Practice Talks M1112 SPH 2 Arbor Brewing Company
August 17, 2010 Ali Shojaie Integrating Network Information into the Analysis of Biological Pathways M1112 SPH 2 Red Hawk
June 29, 2010 Jun Ding An Integrated Genetic Study of Psoriasis: Genome-wide Association and Expression-QTL Analyses 4917 Buhl Dominick's
May 25, 2010 Arun Manoharan The Landscape of C. elegans 3' UTRs 4917 Buhl Buffalo Wild Wings
April 13, 2010 Peter Song Gene Network Construction and Inference Using Multivariate Hidden Markov Models with Time-Course Gene Expression Data 1690 Crossroads Red Hawk
January 12, 2010 Cristen Willer Mapping Genes for Complex Genetic Diseases: Lessons from Obesity and Lipid Levels 4917 Buhl Good Time Charley's
December 15, 2009 Kristen Stevens Molecular Epidemiology in a Genomic World - Examples from Colon and Breast Cancers M1112 SPH 2 Buffalo Wild Wings
November 10, 2009 Faculty Panel:  Mike Boehnke, Julie Douglas, Anthony Antonellis, and Sandeep Kalantry; Postdoctoral Fellows Jonathan Gruber and Tanya Teslovich Panel Discussion on Career Paths for Young Researchers 5915 Buhl Good Time Charley's
September 29, 2009 Michael Boehnke Genome-Wide Association Studies for Type 2 Diabetes and Related Disorders  5915 Buhl Buffalo Wild Wings
August 18, 2009 Jonathan Gruber Quantifying the Properties of Regulatory Mutation in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae  4917 Buhl Buffalo Wild Wings
July 7, 2009 George Zhang Systems Approaches to Genetics and Evolution  1655 Crossroads BTB Cantina
June 16, 2009 Jun Li Runs of Homozygosity in the Human Genome: Population Diversity and Genomewide Patterns 4917 Buhl Buffalo Wild Wings
April 29, 2009 Sebastian Zöllner Methods for Rare Risk Variants in the Age of Re-sequencing 2695 Crossroads Good Time Charley's
February 10, 2009 Yun Li Genetic Imputation: Applications to Genome-wide Studies and Sequence Data  M1112 SPH 2 Good Time Charley's
January 13, 2009 Liming Liang Enhancing Genomewide Association Studies Using Gene Expression Data and Genotype Based Case Control Matching  4917 Buhl Buffalo Wild Wings
December 17, 2008 Sohini Ramachandran (Harvard University) The Spatial Distribution of Human Genetic Variation Across Continents and Chromosomes 4917 Buhl Buffalo Wild Wings
October 28, 2008 Juan Pedro Steibel (Michigan State University) Linear Mixed Models Based Design and Analysis of Gene Expression Experiments Using Microarrays and qPCR M1112 SPH 2 Good Time Charley's
October 7, 2008 Jeffrey Long DNA Sequence Variation in Human Populations M1112 SPH 2 Good Time Charley's
August 12, 2008 James Degnan Distributions of Coalescent Times and Branch Lengths for Gene Trees in Species Trees 4917 Buhl Ann Arbor Brewing Company
July 24, 2008 Timothy Connallon Consequences of Sexual Selection and Sex-linkage for Offspring Fitness  4917 Buhl Dominick's
June 27, 2008 Bill Stewart Finding Short Deletions And Things That Look Like Short Deletions 2695 Crossroads Ann Arbor Brewing Company
May 16, 2008 Alex Kondrashov Mutation Rates and Pseudogenes 2690 Crossroads Ann Arbor Brewing Company
April 15, 2008 Wendy Grus Evolution of The Vomeronasal System Viewed through System-Specific Genes M1152 SPH 2 Dominick's
February 19, 2008 Kerby Shedden Longitudinal Analysis of Alcohol Use in Siblings  M1152 SPH 2 Leopold's
January 29, 2008 David Burke Genetic Analysis in A Mouse Synthetic Population 4917 Buhl Leopold's
December 11, 2007 Cristen Willer Adventures in Genomewide Association Studies: Impute, Meta, Replicate 4917 Buhl Louie's
November 29, 2007 Yan Sun Accounting for The Distribution of SNPs in A GWA Study M1152 SPH 2 Arbor Brewing Company
October 9, 2007 Paul Scheet Relating Phenotypes to Genotypes Using The Underlying Model of FastPhase 4917 Buhl Grizzly Peak
August 14, 2007 Weimin Chen and Serena Sanna Genotype Imputation: Applications to Real GWA Studies 4917 Buhl Dominick's
July 24, 2007 Cecil Lewis The Peopling of South America M170 SPH 2 Leopold's
June 7, 2007 Mattias Jakobsson Haplotype Variation and GWA Studies 2695  Crossroads Cottage Inn
May 22, 2007 Trisha Wittkopp Regulatory Variation 4917 Buhl Leopold's
March 20, 2007 Laura Scott GWA for Type II Diabetes 4917 Buhl Dominick's
February 6, 2007 Soochin Cho Evolution of Honey Bee Genes M4318 SPH 2 Leopold's
January 10, 2007 Sebastian Zöllner Copy Number Variants 4917 Buhl Grizzly Peak
December 2, 2006 Bill Stewart Sex-Specific Genetic Maps 4917 Buhl Ashley's