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Summer Term Epidemiology Courses
Course Title Term(s) Credits Instructor(s)
EPID562 advanced bacteriology laboratory Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 2-6 Staff
EPID565 research in hospital and molecular epidemiology Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 1-6 Staff
EPID604 applications of epidemiology Fall, Winter, Spring, Spring-Summer, Summer 1-4 Staff
EPID624 readings in epidemiology Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 1-2 Staff
EPID702 bayesian perspectives in epidemiology Summer 1 Staff; Little, Roderick;
EPID706 measurement in clinical research Summer 1 Gagnier, Joel
EPID707 nutritional epidemiology Summer 1 Villamor, Eduardo
EPID708 machine learning for epidemiologic analysis in the era of big data Summer 1 Staff
EPID712 diabetes epidemiology Summer 1 Herman, William
EPID719 quantitative methods in genetic epidemiology Summer 1 Ruiz-Narvaez, Edward; Staff;
EPID722 medical product epidemiology and global regulation Summer 1 Staff
EPID743 applied linear regression Summer 1 Staff
EPID761 social determinants of population health Summer 1 Mendes de Leon, Carlos
EPID762 using stata (or sas) with complex survey data to examine associations and time trends Summer 1 Brogan, Donna
EPID778 spatial statistics for epidemiological data Summer 1 Berrocal, Veronica
EPID780 applied epidemiologic analysis for causal inference Summer 1 Staff
EPID793 complex systems modeling for public health research Summer 2 Staff
EPID799 qualitative methods for epidemiology Summer 1 Staff
EPID891 advanced readings in epidemiology Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 2 Staff
EPID970 pre-candidacy research in epidemiology Fall, Winter, Spring, Spring-Summer, Summer 1-8 Staff
EPID990 dissertation research/pre-candidate Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 1-8 Staff
EPID995 dissertation research/candidate Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 8 Staff