Ph.D. Student Profile


MPH University of Illinois
B.S., Miami University of Ohio

Research Interests & Projects

Kristi Allgood is a PhD student in the Department of Epidemiology and is working with Dr. Belinda Needham.  Kristi has worked as a Social Epidemiologist at a research institute nested in a safety-net hospital located on the westside of Chicago since 2004.   Her work to this point has focused on racial and ethnic health disparities in breast cancer, HIV, STIs and hepatitis C.  Kristi has developed several programs that incorporate lay-navigators to facilitate follow-up after an abnormal diagnostic medical test.  Additionally, she has done substantial work in improving quality of mammography services as well as increasing capacity to provide mammograms to low income women in Chicago.  Kristi’s work in navigation has influenced the integration of lay-navigators and community health workers in standard medical settings as well as in the community setting throughout Chicago.  Additionally, Kristi was an instructor at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University where she co-taught an introduction to epidemiology course for the last six years.  Kristi sits on the access to care and metastatic breast cancer boards for the Avon Foundation as well as the quality of mammography board of the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force, an organization in which Kristi was instrumental in creating. Kristi is a native Chicagoan who earned her B.S. in exercise science with a focus in physiology and a minor in nutrition from Miami University of Ohio and her MPH in epidemiology at University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health.

Selected Publications

  • Grabler P, Sighoko D, Wang L, Allgood KL, Ansel D.  Recall and cancer detection rates for screening mammography: finding the sweet spot.  (Under Review)    
  • Glover Rucker M, Eavou R, Allgood KL, Sinclair D, Lawal R, Tobin A, Pitrak D, Glick N.  Implementing routine HIV screening in three Chicago hospitals: lessons learned.  Public Health Rep. 2016;131(Suppl 1):121-129.    
  • Hunt B, Allgood KL, Kanoon J, Benjamins M.  Keys to the successful implementation of community-based outreach and navigation: lessons from a breast health navigation program.  J Cancer Educ.  2015, DOI: 10.1007/s13187-015-0904-2.    
  • Allgood KL, Hunt B, Glover Rucker M.  Black:White disparities in HIV mortality in the United States: 1990-2009.  J Racial Ethn Health Disparities.  2015, DOI: 10.1007/s40615-015-0141-8.     
  • Raja S, Holland C, Du Bois SN, McKirnan D, Allgood KL, Glick, N.  History of traumatic events in HIV positive individuals:  risk behavior implications in an urban clinic setting.  J HIV/AIDS Soc Serv, 2015;14(1): 110-128.    
  • Allgood KL, Rauscher GH, Whitman S, Vasquez-Jones G, Shah AM. Validating self-reported mammography use in vulnerable communities: findings and recommendations. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev, 2014;23(8):1649-1658.    
  • Hunt BR, Allgood KL, Sproles C, Whitman S.  Metrics for the systematic evaluation of community-based outreach.  J Canc Educ, 2013;28(4):633-638.    
  • Allgood KL, Rauscher GH, Whitman S.  Screening mammography need, utilization, and capacity: can we fulfill or mission and our promises?  In:  Mammography-Recent Advances, N. Uchiyama and M. Zanchetta do Nascimento (eds.), Rijeka,Croatia: InTech, 2012.     
  • Rauscher GH, Allgood KL, Whitman S, Conant E. Differential access to screening mammography services by race/ethnicity and health insurance.  J Women’s Health (Larchmt), 2012;21(2):154-60.    
  • Estes LJ, Lloyd LE, Teti M, Raja S, Bowleg L, Allgood KL, Glick N. Perceptions of audio computer-assisted self-interviewing (ACASI) among women in an HIV positive prevention program. PLoS One, 2010;5(2):e9149.    
  • Allgood KL, Silva A, Shah A, Whitman S.  HIV testing practices and attitudes on prevention efforts in six diverse Chicago communities.  J Comm Health, 2009;34:514-522.   
  • Raja S, Teti M, Knauz R, Echenique M, Capistrant B, Runinstein S, Allgood KL, Gold M, Mayer KH, Illa L, Lloyd L, Glick N.  Implementing peer based interventions in clinc-based settings: lessons from a multi-site HIV prevention with positives initiative.   J HIV Soc Serv, 2008;7(1):7-26.

Additional Information

  • Kristi was the recipient of the Northwestern University Program in Public Health TA Excellence Award for the both the 2015 and 2016 school year based on her exceptional reviews from  students.      
  • Kristi was awarded the Champion Health Care Provider Award in 2015 selected by the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force for providing high quality breast health care to the uninsured and underinsured residing in Chicago’s westside for her highly successful breast health patient and community navigation programs the Sinai Urban Health Institute.        
  • In 2011 Kristi was awarded the Illinois Hospital Association Innovation in Quality Award for her quality improvement outcomes associated with the navigation program in breast health she both developed and directed since 2005.