Ph.D. Student Profile

Christian  Alvarez

Christian Alvarez, M.P.H., M.S.P.H., B.S.


M.P.H., Epidemiology, Saint Louis University (2013)

M.S.P.H., Public Health Research, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona (2010)

B.S., Chemistry and Biology, San Carlos University of Guatemala (2007)

Research Interests & Projects

My research interests include cancer epidemiology and surveillance. I am interested in the study of the distribution and the determinants of cancer in low and middle income countries, and the development of cancer registries.

My current research focuses on the characterization and the projection of prostate cancer incidence and mortality trends in southern Thailand. I also expect to examine the impact on prostate cancer incidence and mortality were PSA screening to be introduced, the assesment of differences in prostate tumor characteristics, and cancer survival between ethnic/religious groups in Thailand.