Ph.D. Student Profile

Freida  Blostein, MPH, B.S.

Freida Blostein, MPH, B.S.

  • Doctoral Student


MPH Epidemiology Methods and Applications, University of Michigan, 2018
B.S. Evolutionary Anthropology, 2016

Research Interests & Projects

My research interests focus on incorporating concepts from evolution and ecology to understand how human health and disease is shaped by the microorganisms with which we share our environment. I'm particularly interested in integrating analysis of host, microbe and environmental factors in order to understand multifactorial diseases such as dental caries, gingivitis, preterm birth and hospital acquired infections. Through my participation in two training fellowships, the Genome Science Training Program and the Integrated Training Program in Microbial Systems, I use methods in mathematical modeling and population sciences to analyze high-dimensional and compositional data.

Current Research
My current research uses 16S rRNA data to identify taxa and microbial communities in the oral cavity that may influence the development and severity of dental caries. Going forward, we are working to integrate information on nutritional intake and human genetics to examine if specific host genetic and behavioral factors mediate or modify associations between microbiomes and oral outcomes. Additionally, I have conducted work how signals from the vaginal microbiome may act as biomarkers for risk of preterm birth.

Selected Publications

Blostein, F., Levin-Sparenberg, E., Wagner, J., Foxman, B. 2017. Recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis. Ann Epidemiol. 27(9):575–582.e3.
Blostein, F., Assari, S., Caldwell, C.H. 2017. Gender and Ethnic Differences in the Association Between Body Image Dissatisfaction and Binge Eating Disorder among Blacks. J Racial Ethn Heal Disparities. 4(4):529–538.