Ph.D. Student Profile

Sarah T. Cherng

Sarah T. Cherng, M.P.H., B.A.


M.P.H., Health Management and Policy – University of Michigan School of Public Health 
B.A., Philosophy and Political Science – University of Michigan

Research Interests & Projects

My research interests focus on utilizing machine learning and systems science methods to study the complex and interweaving economic, biological, and social aspects of dynamic human systems that perpetuate health inequality. I am interested in utilizing computational methods to better understand how social environments and subsequent individual-level behaviors and decisions drive health behavior in ways that result in aggregate changes to population health and disparate chronic disease distribution and management.

I specialize primarily in dynamical systems modeling and big data analysis and utilization. My current research spans across a wide variety of fields (i.e., psychology, health care systems, health policy, and economics) and focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration in order to better understand and disentangle the mechanisms that drive health disparity and inequality. Current projects include: identifying health care system properties that lead to disparate health outcomes, neurodevelopment and childhood experiences resulting in social hierarchies, electronic cigarette regulation policy implications, predicting diabetes complications in Mexico, and utilizing Twitter in order to better inform dynamical systems models.