Ph.D. Student Profile

Rachel  Gicquelais

Rachel Gicquelais, M.P.H., B.S.


M.P.H. Hospital & Molecular Epidemiology, University of Michigan, 2012
B. S. Biology, Virginia Tech, 2010

Research Interests & Projects

My research interests include infectious disease epidemiology and surveillance, addiction and substance use, public health practice, the intersection of infectious and chronic diseases, molecular epidemiology, and microbiology. Through the Integrated Training in Microbial Systems traineeship, I focus on integrating methods spanning population health, mathematical modeling, and laboratory sciences into my research.

One of my current projects models the transmission of hepatitis C among young persons who inject drugs. We incorporate hepatitis C surveillance data into the model to estimate several transmission and behavioral parameters and evaluate the potential impact of interventions to reduce hepatitis C prevalence and incidence using the model. I also work with colleagues in the Department of Psychiatry at University of Michigan on a second project, where we are characterizing potential connections between the gut microbiota and mental health outcomes among populations who use substances.