Ph.D. Student Profile

Anna  Gottschlich, MPH, B.A.

Anna Gottschlich, MPH, B.A.

  • Doctoral Student


MPH global health epidemiology University of Michigan 2016
B.A. mathematics University of Michigan 2010

Research Interests & Projects

My research focuses on novel forms of cancer control and prevention in low and middle income countries.  As LMICs improve and expand their care of infectious diseases and immunization programs, life expectancy will increase, and with this rates of cancer will increase as well.  Many countries lack the infrastructure and resources to efficiently deal with this transition from an infectious disease burden to a chronic and so it will become important to find new ways to approach this change.  Through community-centered studies as well as cost-effectiveness modeling, I plan to explore how to address these issues.

My current research seeks to assess the acceptability of alternative forms of cervical cancer screening in rural populations in Latin America, primarily in the form of self-collected HPV sampling.  Many women do not have access to or trust in the healthcare system in parts of Guatemala, and so it may be more effective to implement self-testing, which can be done privately in the home.  We also wish to determine the distribution of HPV types in these populations, as well as develop models to evaluate cost-effectiveness of different screening forms.

Selected Publications

Gottschlich, Anna, et al. “Acceptability of Human Papillomavirus Self-Sampling for Cervical Cancer Screening in an Indigenous Community in Guatemala.” Journal of Global Oncology, 18 Jan. 2017, doi:10.1200/jgo.2016.005629.

Additional Information

I am currently an NIH/NCI T32 Biostatistics Training in Cancer Research predoctoral trainee through Dr. Jeremy Taylor and under the advising of Dr. Rafael Meza.