Ph.D. Student Profile

 Sonia Hegde

Sonia Tara Hedge

Program/affiliation/area of  specialty:Epidemiology/Infectious Disease

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MPH; Epidemiology, Biostatistics; Johns Hopkins (2011)
BS, BA; Marketing Management, Biology; Creighton University (2008)

Research Interests

My primary research interests are 1) understanding how the interface of human behavior and the environment affect disease emergence and transmission, 2) how this relationship exists in the context of social justice, and 3) developing practical solutions to health issues that directly impact human health in low-income countries. Methodologically, my interests are in infectious disease and behavior dynamics, and social marketing as an intervention tool.

Current Research

My work includes projects to understand the process of emerging infections, particularly henipaviruses in South Asia, and developing and evaluating interventions to reduce pandemic risk. I also work on the health impact of vaccination/eradication movements and innovative solutions to improve vaccine/drug delivery and uptake.