Ph.D. Student Profile

Lisa  Lau

Lisa Lau, M.P.H., B.Bus.Sc.


M.P.H., Health Economics; University of Cape Town (2014)
B.Bus.Sc., Statistics; University of Cape Town (2009)

Research Interests & Projects

My research interests have focused on creating, implementing and evaluating novel interventions to deliver chronic disease screening, where the infrastructure to carry out conventional laboratory tests is often unavailable in low-resource settings. In particular, I am interested in various aspects of human computer interactions: exploring user interfaces for low-cost devices, adapting content and applications to local languages and education levels, and understanding social relationships and information flows in disadvantaged societies.

Currently, I am developing and evaluating a lung cancer screening decision tool,, that helps inform interested individuals in the potential harms/benefits of low-dose CT screening. I am also involved in developing a screening tool for a range of chronic diseases for use in Guatemala.

Selected Publications

Haricharan HJ, Heap M, Hacking D, Lau YK. (2017) Health promotion via SMS improves hypertension knowledge for deaf South Africans. BMC Public Health 17:663.

Hacking D, Haricharan HJ, Brittain K, Lau YK, Cassidy T, Heap M. (2016) Hypertension health promotion via text messaging at a community health center in South Africa: a mixed methods study. JMIR mHealth uHealth 4(1):e22.

Hacking D, Lau YK, Haricharan HJ, Heap M. (2016) Comparison of two text-message (mHealth) campaigns for the Deaf: contracted out v. conducted in-house. S Afr Med J 106(1):47-49.

Lau YK, Caverly TJ, Cao P, Cherng ST, West M, Gaber C, Arenberg D, Meza R. (2015) Evaluation of a personalized, web-based decision aid for lung cancer screening. Am J Prev Med 49(6):e125-e129.

Lau YK, Ataguba J. (2015) Investigating the relationship between self-rated health and social capital in South Africa – a multilevel analysis using two waves of panel data. BMC Public Health 15:266.

Lau YK, Caverly TJ, Cherng ST, Cao P, West M, Arenberg D, Meza R. (2014). Development and validation of a personalized, web-based decision aid for lung cancer screening using mixed methods: a study protocol. JMIR Res Protoc 3(4):e78.

Lau YK, Cassidy T, Hacking D, Brittain K, Haricharan HJ, Heap M. (2014). Antenatal health promotion via short message service at a Midwife Obstetrics Unit in South Africa: a mixed methods study. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth, 14(1):284.