Ph.D. Student Profile

Hannah  Maier

Hannah Maier, M.P.H., B.S.


MPH; Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology, University of Michigan, SPH (2015)
BS: Biology, Calvin College (2008)

Research Interests & Projects

Infectious disease epidemiology, mathematical modeling of infectious disease transmission, effects of obesity and nutrition on infectious diseases, global health

Current Research
My research is currently focused on nutrition--obesity in particular--and its effects on influenza infection and transmission. I use data from Dr. Aubree Gordon's influenza studies in Managua, Nicaragua.

Selected Publications

Maier, H.E., Lopez, R., Sanchez, N., Ng, S., Gresh, L., Ojeda, S., Burger-Calderon, R., Kuan, G., Harris, E., Balmaseda, A., Gordon, A., 2018. Obesity increases the duration of influenza a virus shedding in adults. J Infect Dis.

NIH: Obesity extends duration of influenza A virus shedding.

AAFP: New Study Ties Obesity to Increased Risk of Flu Transmission