Ph.D. Student Profile

Kat  Miller

Kat Miller, MPH, M.L.S. (ASCP)

  • Doctoral Student


Michigan State University, Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics (B.S., 2015)
NorthShore University HealthSystem, Medical Laboratory Science (MLS, 2016)
University of Michigan, Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology (MPH, 2018)

Research Interests & Projects

My interests lie in using molecular laboratory techniques to answer questions surrounding respiratory virus epidemiology. I am committed to working with children, an at-risk population for severe respiratory infections, and their families to explore new methods to disrupt viral transmission within household settings. Currently, I am working on whole genome sequencing Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) extracted from samples collected in an ambulatory care setting (MFIVE). With this data, I hope to be able to assess whether infections are acquired from family members or the community. Additionally, I hope this project will provide clinical guidance on who should be vaccinated when a safe and effective RSV vaccine is available.

Additional Information

Check out my Instagram @millenialdoctorate for a humorous and honest look at the life of a doctoral student!