Ph.D. Student Profile

Hannah  Segaloff

Hannah Segaloff, M.P.H., B.S.


M.P.H., Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology, University of Michigan School of Public Health
B.S., Microbiology, University of Michigan

Research Interests & Projects

I work on CDC-funded network studies evaluating the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine both in the ambulatory care setting (MFIVE) and the hospital setting (HAIVEN).

My particular research interests focus on respiratory virus and influenza severity, prevention and treatment of respiratory virus infection, and the theoretical underpinnings of the test negative design used to
measure the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine.

Current Research: Currently I am working on projects aimed at measuring vaccine effectiveness, finding valid ways to measure the impact of neuraminidase inhibitors on influenza severity among hospitalized
patients, and understanding biases of the test negative design in hospitalized populations.

Selected Publications

Segaloff, H. E., Petrie, J. G., Malosh, R. E., Cheng, C. K., McSpadden, E. J., Ferdinands, J. M., Lamerato, L., Lauring, A.S., Monto, A.S., & Martin, E. T. (2018). Severe morbidity among hospitalised adults with acute influenza and other respiratory infections: 2014–2015 and 2015–2016. Epidemiology & Infection, 1-9.

Segaloff, H. E., Evans, R., Arshad, S., Zervos, M. J., Archer, C., Kaye, K. S., & Martin, E. T. (2018). The impact of obesity and timely antiviral administration on severe influenza outcomes among hospitalized adults. Journal of medical virology, 90(2), 212-218.