Ph.D. Student Profile


MPH, Epidemiology Methods and Applications, University of Michigan (2016)
B.S., Biological Sciences, Wuhan University (2013)

Research Interests & Projects

My research focuses on health effects of environmental exposures, heavy metals and persistance organic pollutants. My interests include gene-environment, nutrient-environment interactions, and cumulative effects of environmental pollutant mixtures.

My current research projects seek to assess the cumulative effects of heavy metals on development of obesity and type 2 diabetes by adopting novel statistical approaches, in both US general population and midlife women. By accounting for statistical challenges, we wish those new approaches of multi-pollutant framework will help better understand the real-world health impacts of pollutant mixtures and facilitate risk stratification and targeted preventive intervention.

Selected Publications

Wang, X.*, Ding, N.*, Tucker, K. L., Weisskopf, M. G., Sparrow, D., Hu, H., & Park, S. K. (2017). A Western Diet Pattern Is Associated with Higher Concentrations of Blood and Bone Lead among Middle-Aged and Elderly Men. The Journal of Nutrition, jn249060.

Ding, N.*, Wang, X.*, Weisskopf, M. G., Sparrow, D., Schwartz, J., Hu, H., & Park, S. K. (2016). Lead-related genetic loci, cumulative lead exposure and incident coronary heart disease: The normative aging study. PloS one, 11(9), e0161472.

Additional Information

Center for Midlife Science