Ph.D. Student Profile

Steph  Wraith

Steph Wraith, M.S.P.H., B.S.

  • Doctoral Student


M.S.P.H., Global Epidemiology, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, 2017
B.S., Biology & Global Health, College of William & Mary, 2015

Research Interests & Projects

My research interests include infectious disease epidemiology, mathematical modeling of disease emergence and transmission dynamics, and outbreak surveillance and response in the global health context. My background includes research focused on parasitic and vector-borne disease transmission in low-resource settings, as well as work with a range of bacterial zoonoses.

I am currently working with Dr. Aubree Gordon to study predictors of infection and transmission dynamics of respiratory viruses, particularly influenza, across several cohort studies in Managua, Nicaragua.