Ph.D. Student Profile

Boya  Zhang, M.S.

Boya Zhang, M.S.

  • Doctoral Student


Master of Science, Department of Environment Science and Engineering, Peking University (2019)
Bachelor of Laws in Sociology, Department of Sociology, Peking University (2016)
Bachelor of Medicine in Preventive Medicine, School of Public Health, Peking University (2016)

Research Interests & Projects

My research interests include air pollution monitoring and environmental epidemiology. I am particularly passionate about investigating the effects of air pollution on cardiopulmonary disease and cognitive aging.

Selected Publications

Zhang, Boya, et al. "Comparison of water-soluble inorganic ions and trace metals in PM2.5 between online and offline measurements in Beijing during winter". Atmospheric Pollution Research 10.6 (2019): 1755-1765.

Zhang, Boya, et al. "Characteristics of peroxyacetyl nitrate pollution during a 2015 winter haze episode in Beijing." Environmental Pollution 244 (2019): 379-387.

Zhang, Boya, et al. "Projection of temperature-related mortality due to cardiovascular disease in Beijing under different climate change, population, and adaptation scenarios." Environmental research 162 (2018): 152-159.