Future Findings | Findings Fall 2005 | University Michigan School of Public Health

Future Findings

  • Risk Reduction & New Priorities

    Risk Reduction & New Priorities

    When people think about the risks associated with manufacturing, says Olivier Jolliet, associate professor of environmental health sciences, they tend to think of the risks affiliated with product manufacturing.

  • Genetic Origins of Depression

    Genetic Origins of Depression

    It's like hunting for a particular landmark on the horizon, says Sebastian Zöllner. "You look for a helpful marker." But in this case, the markers aren't mountains or lakes, they're genetic mileposts that indicate genes linked to depression, one of the most complex of psychiatric diseases.

  • Smoking In America

    Smoking In America

    Although smoking prevalence is slowly declining in the United States, it continues to impose a huge burden on the nation's health system--a burden that has health officials wondering whether anything can be done to further reduce America's tobacco epidemic.

  • Cranberry Juice and Health

    Cranberry Juice and Health

    If new research data supports earlier findings, for some people the key to preventing a urinary tract infection may be as simple as a visit to the grocery store.

  • Ending Teen Violence

    Ending Teen Violence

    Immortalized by filmmaker Michael Moore as a locus of poverty and violence, the city of Flint, Michigan, gets a "bad rap," says Marc Zimmerman.