Future Findings | Findings Fall 2006 | University Michigan School of Public Health

Future Findings

  • Job Loss Threatens Health

    Job Loss Threatens Health

    Sarah Burgard has found that chronic job insecurity is strongly linked to poor health and depression.

  • Racism's Toll on Health

    Racism's Toll on Health

    Derek Griffith says he wants to get to the bottom of racism itself. African-American patients spend less time with their health-care providers than white Americans and receive poorer quality of care.

  • Evolution & Disease

    Evolution & Disease

    Noah Rosenberg hopes to learn why genetic diseases vary in frequency from one population to the next.

  • How Safe Is Our Water?

    How Safe Is Our Water?

    In the past three decades, officials have registered several hundred outbreaks of waterborne disease in the U.S. due to contaminated drinking water.

  • The Politics of Health Care

    The Politics of Health Care

    Scott Greer is advising British officials on the ins and outs of EU health policy. Some of the world's most intractable health problems are fundamentally political problems, he says.