inFOCUS | Findings Fall 2007 | University Michigan School of Public Health


  • Nursing Homes

    Nursing Homes

    It's one of the most wrenching of life's decisions: a beloved parent can no longer care for herself, and you must place her in a nursing home. The choices are bewildering.

  • Extreme Heat

    Extreme Heat

    Few American cities are adequately prepared for the excessive heat we can expect with global warming.

  • Tuberculosis


    Last summer's news that Andrew Speaker, an American with drug-resistant tuberculosis, had taken two transatlantic flights sent travelers into a panic.

  • Gene-Environment Interaction

    Gene-Environment Interaction

    Most diseases stem from the complex interplay of genes and the environment. If diseases were caused by single genes, it might be simple to design targeted interventions.

  • Sex Tourism & HIV

    Sex Tourism & HIV

    The rise of sex tourism is challenging the accepted view of a predominantly "heterosexual" HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Caribbean.