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Research News

  • Asthma Gene Detected

    Asthma Gene Detected

    Scientists from the University of Michigan and colleagues from London, France, and Germany have found a gene that is strongly associated with a risk of developing childhood-onset asthma.

  • Breast Cancer Gene Found

    Breast Cancer Gene Found

    Researchers in an international study have identified a new gene that, if mutated, may increase a woman's risk of breast cancer by more than a third.

  • Soap, Plain & Antibacterial

    Soap, Plain & Antibacterial

    Over-the-counter antibacterial soaps show no health benefits over plain soaps and, in fact, may render some common antibiotics less effective against certain bacteria, says SPH epidemiologist Allison Aiello.

  • Students & Mental Illness

    Students & Mental Illness

    Although the incidence of mental illness on college campuses is rising, a new survey of 2,785 college students indicates that more than half of students with significant symptoms of anxiety or depression do not seek help.

  • Men's Health & Freedom

    Men's Health & Freedom

    Economic freedom could be bad for your health if you're a man caught in the fervor of competing for status, wealth, and power, say the authors of a new UM study